Yogscast on empire??

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  1. Just wanted to see if anybody knew anoything about this, it was rumoured in the chat today that the yogscast are coming on empire tomorrow , does anybody know any truth in that?!?
  2. what is yogscast?
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  3. What's yogscast, just a group of players which have over 1,000 videos to their name kind of a funny bunch, But i doubt they'll be showing up here probably someone pulling your chain. :)
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  4. If they only have 1000 movies then pff, not welcome! :D
  5. Go open up you tube they are always under most popular
  6. Well im sorry, i swear they had more? lol
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  7. No No Ryukk132.... Just making fun of them , not you. I was watching some of their Island survival, episode 1, and find it so funny that they act like such noobs when they couldn't possibly be after doing so many videos. ;)
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  8. The silliness is all part of it, I think I don't take any of their stuff serious, but I do love it. Some of it can be really funny. particularly the line Simon uses when boarding a minecart.
  9. They are the reason I play minecraft lol - I watched their first couple episodes and then ended up watching almost all of them because they were so funny. Seems like ages ago now, but I guess that was only back in October or so. :p
    Anyway they would be welcome to visit EMC I'm sure!
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  10. and get spammed by 'OMG I LOVE YOU!!' :(
  11. i watched yogscast the day their first episode came out XD.... a friend of mine said "hey, there is this cool minecraft video, you should check it out"... every since... i have watched almost every minecraft video they have XD. However... to be perfectly honest, if they come here, there chances of getting kicked/ban are pretty high, because their language is pretty bad XD.
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  12. :p. Whoooooo hiia honeydew...... BANNED , I'll still be on smp1 weighting for them and don't bother asking if they don't come I'll go cry in the corner. ------
  13. If they look on the site for the IP first, theyll show up on SMP6, not SMP1
  14. Where did this rumor start? Haha.

    If it's by chance true and Yogscast guys read this, please read our rules first. We're a family friendly server. ;)
  15. Sounds pretty cool... But I don't think they'll be kicked or banned cause the bad language is mainly audio in thier videos not in chat.
    By the way it's very unlikely they would waste the time signing up on this empire craft site just for a little visit I mean it does take a little while to sign up to EMC and they might get bored... :( I still hope they come though;)
  16. I'm just glad there is normally no admin/mods on TS.
  17. Huh what's TS?
  18. well i doubt they are coming and then of course jeremy makes them read the rules first lol jeremy your awesome that way
  19. TeamSpeak.Its a voice chat program.Smooch has one setup for EMC.Though its down atm.
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