YMS Skin Statues

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  1. YMS Skin Statues

    YMS Skin Statues is a solo person company, run by me.

    I sell statues of your skin, for cheap prices!

    No matter the colors, I will get it done!

    Need just a head? I can do it!

    You supply, I supply, either way works for me!


    I supply - 1500 Rupees

    You Supply - 1000 Rupees

    Prices may be subject to change.

    Current Waiting List
    RainbowChin - 1st
    thestar19 - 2nd
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  2. Yes, yes, oh God yes!
    I was thinking of doing one myself, but this is perfect :)
    If you haven't guessed, I'll take one lol
    But you supply.
  3. Okay, what res?
  4. I want one, An EXTREMLY BIG one on SMP9 :)
  5. Extremely big? I build them to scale with the skin, aha.
  6. smp5 10398
    I will try and mark out an area now
  7. Okay, I will meet you there, currently building a statue on Creative, and I'll take pics to see if you like it.
  8. I did this for awhile... Not sure why I stopped, I did maybe 5-10, that seems so long ago...
    *Has Flashbacks of running after those dumb sheep*
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  9. Any word on completion of it?
  10. Sorry, I had to go for a bit, and only had about 10 mins work on it. Chest and legs are done, and I may be able to get the arms and head done. And maybe some on EMC.
  11. Any more progress?
  12. Yes, actually, I think I will start on EMC ASAP, since I have the rainbow colors. For delay, and being the first costumer, 1000 Rupee discount.
  13. Sounds good, I can give perms now if needs be?
  14. Yep, I'll start tomorrow, around 15 - 15 10. Maybe some in the morning =)
  15. The morning for you might not be so great for me, as I might be in work my time.
    What's your timezone?
  16. EST
  17. Then I won't be back on until about 1-2pm for EST timezones.