Yet another res contest!

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    Hey all, this is another res contest, in donation to the SMP4 Paradise Project, 75% of proceeds go to RobbieJo's ingenious idea! The official poll comes out October 1st. A 75r entree fee will be placed, and 10,000r will be given out to whichever lucky architect get the most votes! We need donations as well! 90% of unused donations got to the SMP4 paradise project! Make an attractive post about your res, then pay the fee, I'll make the thread Oct. 1st!
    Make a nice post here about your beautiful res, and I'll do the rest, I'll hold a poll thread Oct. 1st, and voting stops Oct. 15th.



    Link to voting thread (Not open yet)
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  2. I won't do this if it has an entry fee.
  3. Directions not clear enough - my cat is in the dishwasher
  4. I like zombie :D
  5. Welcome to my sig. :)
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  6. question, is it an overall res contest? For the looks? the surface of the res? Or even how useful it is in general? What is the criteria of the judging?
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  7. About all those combined.
    Then what's your idea for donating to the SMP4 paradise project? Go do it, and then hope you helped Robbie at her idea :p
    Make a post about a tour of your res, pay fee, hope you win.
  8. Maybe you should work on the directions a bit more....
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  9. It's pretty self explanatory but..
  10. I don't think that is very healthy...
  11. It's also considered animal abuse according to the Humane Animal Society.
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  12. Not in mah book its a cat!
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  13. I'm a dog person too.
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  14. When you donate I share your res, witch may help malls and stuff :D
  15. Please give more information so my other cat doesn't find it's why to the ceiling fan....Hurry! D:
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  16. Paradise project...hmm, that reminds me of something...:p

    I have a decent res on smp1, 1758. I like it because the glowstone and sandstone together suits me. And the beacons! I'll enter! :)
  17. You're in jail already.. OR we have a mad cat-killer on the loose.
  18. Great! Just pay the 75r entry fee, and make one of the best posts ever, I'll copy that one into the official thread :D
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  19. I already payed the entry fee. :)
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