Yes. Just Yes.

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  1. Thanks to /v 2000!
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  2. You're welcome! I mean grats! lol
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  3. Let it be known you had the millionth one :p
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  4. Congratulations on joining the club! :3

    There should so be a millionaire's club where you get a mini soulbound certificate or something when you become a millionaire :p But no, I do not see that happening xD
  5. Why is this such a big deal?
  6. Personal EMC challenges :3
    To some it may be overwhelmingly joyous, to some just a tedious milestone.
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  7. Tedious it was.
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  8. well… looks like I'm never gonna get dat much rupees
  9. Omg that cat in your signature julie, LOL.
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  10. Meh, Rupees lose their value as the prices of items go up. Which is why I have a vast majority of it in items.
  11. Congrats !
  12. congrats! I'm a millionaire if I sold all my assets easily :3
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  13. The obsession with arbitrary achievements based on a base-10 counting system....
    Congratulations on 11110100001001000000 rupees! :p
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  14. Give me your password and nobody gets hurt I mean gratz
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  15. Kindle millionaire!
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  16. Almost done cracking into your account to give myself a huuuggggeeeee payment.

    Wait, what? I never said anything. Congrats.
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  17. Thanks for the 500k.
  18. A lot of people would be :p