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  1. I dont just play minecraft "Aww Come On" -Notch I play mainly Xbox games like Call of Duty AND YES MINECRAFT XBOX 360 EDITION I cant get away from minecraft I love it XD "YAY!!!!!!" -Notch "Shut It Notch" -Loftisrocks1 Yea Im crazy but get this Im here to stay! Back to the conversation point I switch from xbox to minecraft every 3-5 months #Switchero Idk now Im just making up hashtags which makes me extra crazy I think I need to stop now... "YES YOU DO" -Notch Bye guys!!! Hope you enjoyed my chat !!! XD
  2. Which comment to respond to. Lol
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  3. This reminds me of "Teh Penguin of d00m"
  4. ...

    I...I...I don't...


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  5. Oh sure.. sure..
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  6. Am i correct with this summery? You like Minecraft, Xbox Games, and Xbox Minecraft. And you switch from MC PC to MC Xbox?
  7. Ive been waiting all day to get on this awsome server that I played on yesterday and still havent been unbanned this stinks...
  8. It is not a for sure thing. You might be unbanned, if you are lucky. Just so you know.
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  9. If you got banned and you weren't a day old you would probably have to wait 6 months to a year to get unbanned, we don't take offences lightly.
  10. Maybe not that long considering he was new, but yes you might have to wait a little bit before you can come back.
  11. ...









    Le Confuse
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