Ye Olde Watchtower SMP4 Wild Community

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  1. This community has actually been up for a while, but due to griefers and general boredom, only 3 people go there on a regular basis. The creator has given me permission to make another thread about it. So far there a couple of houses and some other things which will only be revealed when you join. If you wish to join complete the form below:

    Username(lol what?):
    Why you want to join:
    Have you been banned? If so, why?
    To prove you read this say "nugget in a biscuit" here.

    Upcoming stuff: I have an idea for a darkroom and a simple iron farm...
    Edit: iron farm doesn't work, neither does the darkroom. Um lol?
  2. Bump!
    I would like to participate.

    Username: Floh_Zirkus
    Why you want to join: Building out there on the edge of civilization with a chance of dying horribly sounds like fun. Aside from that, I'm well acquainted with the game and I enjoy starting over gain.
    Have you been banned?: No. But I have to admit that I've once stolen a chicken from one of my neighbors… luckily, this has gone unnoticed.
  3. Accepted. Btw, please excuse me if I don't guide you there myself, I'm taking a break. I'll pm coords, and if that fails ask imparanoid or bonesabre.
  4. Someone didnt read the whole thing!;)
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  5. Username(lol what?): Notch
    Why you want to join: Because I joined the last one but it didnt get very far.
    Have you been banned? If so, why? Minor issues never for griefing.
    To prove you read this say "nugget in a biscuit" here.: nugget in a biscuit

    Also I wanna make a deal with you about it and my company CHN Inc.
  6. Sorry for not replying, I've been pretty caught up in soccer practice.
    And, sorry this is remaining independent for the moment.
  7. Sure its ok :p
  8. I would like to come and hang out.

    Username: Okie23
    Why you want to join: Never been apart of a wild community but I do prefer hanging out in the wild opposed to town, might as well have someone to talk to.
    Have you been banned? Never
  9. So, pro is doing a pretty good job of getting this back up and started again, but since he doesn't come on as often, I would like to warn people who have never been part of a wild community. We will get griefed, we have been griefed. So if your house does get griefed, it's not the end of the world. :) Some precautions I would say is, don't build your house completely out of wood. Unless a griefer is dumb enough to use flint and steel. (which is what we always hope for). I'll be there more often I guess. Since I need to continue to collect supplies for the big smp4 project.
  10. not too worried about getting happens everything is replaceable....some things take a little longer than others however
  11. Thanks paranoid for explaining that, atm I am hiatus on everything except for the forums. Occasionally I'll work on Jamesg003's res but aside from that I only log on bc my res will be reset.

    EDIT: okie, you didn't mention a nugget or a biscuit but that was for kicks n giggles anyways. Accepted.
  12. I haven't been there in awhile except for a few days ago to grab my enchanted stuff and to repair some griefing. Glad to hear there is still some interest in our little wild kingdom.
  13. Lol, I actually forgot about it XD.
  14. ”A guilty conscience needs no accuser.
    Increasing a potential griever's inhibition threshold will decrease their desire to mess things up.
    Therefore, really awesome houses are less likely to be grieved than dirt cuboids... well, theoretically. :rolleyes:
  15. Well time to give this a bump as I'm kinda back. So far, floh's made some pretty sweet buildings and theres a epic pixel figure near the entrance! I'm thinking of setting up the zombie grinder soon, so watch out for that too. Among this epicness though, someone removed all the pistons from the darkroom, and the failure iron farm was messed up. Guess there will always be some people who just destroy everything they see...
  16. Can I have the co-ords again?
  17. Username(lol what?): gearmaster08
    Why you want to join: have some fun
    Have you been banned? If so, why? not on gearmaster08, you know the rest xD
    nugget in a biscuit
  18. Username(lol what?): catwarrior7

    Why you want to join: i have gotten bored with town, :(
    Its all part of my diabolical plan to have a home on every server, MWAHAHA, lol jk
    Have you been banned? If so, why? nope. :D

    To prove you read this say "nugget in a biscuit" here.
    nugget in a biscuit
  19. Both of you are accepted. Nfell, check your inbox.