Yay inflation : D

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Haas' computer has 8GB RAM.

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  1. inflation and yay? in the same sentence? please haas, dont use sarcasm 0.o. Well, I don't, I am totally serious, inflation is a good thing. btw, sorry for crappy smiley face :p.
    Since I see a lot of people asking / complaining that everything is getting more expensive*, so in this thread I will explain a bit about inflation, and that it isnt anything to be scared of :p
    *a mistake people make often, things arent getting more expensive, just worth more rupees. If this sounds confusing, explaination is below.

    I hope it wasnt hard to follow, and this is a pretty dificult subject to type in another language than I usually do :p, if you have questions / additions / reactions / changes just leave them below :D
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  2. Forgot to add a important thing! things as highering vote bonus / log in bonus kind of things will NOT work. This only makes it worse, because now there will be even more fresh rupees, and prices will only higher more. The start rupees for new players is highered, because when everything is worth more, you need a bigger headstart. Otherwise you have a really hard time in the beginning.
  3. Inflation can be a good thing, just not if it does not have to be inflated. Good example of that is dragon eggs. Ever since smp9's dragon eggs were obtained, there has not been any more/less of them in existance. So in theory the supply is always the same, and the demand is still the same, and with Dragon Tombs coming out, they already said there will be more dragon eggs, that will only lower the price dramatically. What im trying to say is dragon eggs do not need to be as highly priced as they are.
  4. When there were the dragon eggs of SMP1 and SMP2, there were only 2 eggs, now there are 10. But still they are now ALOT more worth than before, I get what you mean and I totally agree. Some things are just overpriced or highering in price too much (same as diamonds, especially now vote rewards are more diamonds there are getting alot more diamonds in existance but they are still highering).
    But sadly you cant change it, because there are getting more and more rupees, there are getting more people with more money, and If I have a dragon egg and I want to sell it, I want to get the highest price, you can't say people are doing bad that way (I dont think you mean that though).
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  5. I think server needs to some rupees from players. But tax.
    Tax ll be make cold of Economy.
    Even. Decrese some of Empire shop items price that have high demand. But need to higher than normal price of player shops.

    But l doubt it is works. Even govermants fail this situation...

    Anyway. It is nesscreey to Balence of rupee amount lf dont want infelation.

    Sorry for my bad English. And they are just my opinions.
  6. Just a note that it was SMP1 up to 4 and Utopia that received Eggs, none of the other servers had Dragons in their End world so they can't have had any Eggs. Those 5 Eggs then became 5 Originals and 95 Normals (shared equally between the original 5 owners) so there are technically 100 Eggs out there. Well, 99 because JackBiggin lost his Normal one! :p
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  7. I thought there were more than 5 eggs, but some have lost them with dereliction and that there are 5 now o.0
    EDIT: the original ones of course
  8. ahh good point

    lol @ jack
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  9. There were only 5 and they're all still around, I always thought that there may had been 7 but seems not due to new information. I'll probably have to make a Dragon Egg Guide V3 sometime now... >_>