YAY I Reached My Goal of Getting 500k

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by coffee_bullet, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone today i reached 500k! :D
    Pretty Happy and to show people who are not supporters that u can still make money easily.
    Now Going to 1 Million!

    So any good shops... :D
  2. Gratz.,
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  3. How coffee, What's ur method of earning money :)
  4. Its called being a wizard :D
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  5. Congratulations, I got my first half mil LONG time ago, But now I'm under 200K again haha. :)
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  6. Not funny...
  7. lol
  8. Well, congrats, I am planning to get 10. Mill in a year
  9. Good luck bro, :)
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  10. i havent even made 60k :( the most i ever made is 50k wow... this make me feel very poor. but Congradulation Coffee_Bullet smp1 for life!
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  11. Okay, I am failing at typing:

    I am planning to make 10 mill in yearS
  12. Lol =P

    I could only make 2,2mil before I got the egg. :)

    [EDIT] My rupees before the egg:
    Hours after:
    - 2,000,001 left:
    Now almost 200k :p
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  13. That rupee making is awesome! Secrets?
  14. the most ive ever had was 6k
  15. The most i ever had is seriously 20k :(!
  16. Right now I've got 62k, but I would have like 70k if I didbt blow all my money on tons of diamonds.
  17. Right now I have the most I've ever had, 32k!
    At least I'm richer than my brother! :) (He has 2k)
  18. Well, I am sharing with my brother, because we are building a huge shop on smp5... :p, so we 'both' have 150k... :p
  19. Buy alot of gold, diamonds or emeralds CHEAP I mean like really cheap and then sell for higher :) That's how I got money I invested in gold and diamonds, got them really cheap and then sold them for higher :)
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  20. Sell burritos.
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