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  1. Hey Empire,

    After just 30 days of playing i have reached 1,000,000 TEXP yes that is One Million,
    i know i am not the first one to do this, but i am one of the few who have and within 30 days of joining! Is that a record? yes no? i doubt it but oh well i made it to One mil :)
  2. What grinder setup do you use?
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  3. That's quite an achievement, congrats! That must have taken a lot of dedicated grinding. (Would you mind sharing some of your techniques?) :)
  4. he probly uses the end grinder
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  5. From his profile =)

    Tripple :p Two skele one Zombie
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  6. 24/7 grind like a boss.
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  7. What really I would assume blaze...
  8. Oh yeah Congrats Captian! And I'm pretty sure this IS a new record :D
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  9. Time to have a nice sit down a break now lol
  10. Haha thanks guys and Nah, i used the end grinder like 3 times never long periods of time though. Mostly just my triple grinders :)