Yay!!! A wild record has appeared.

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  1. So I officially found my very first wild record about 30 minutes ago.. Im not talking about farming records, I mean wild record as in dungeon record.. :3 I was crossing a desert in Utopia to find sugar cane to build a book farm and heard zombies.. I started punching the ground to see if I could dig down to them for some zombie meat and an 8x8 area of sand fell into a dungeon.. I work my way down into the dungeon to tear up the mossy cobble like I always do and replace it with regular cobble and I opened one of the chests to find disc '13' waiting for me.. :3
  2. I was starting to think that the records in dungeons were myths.. In all of my time playing since beta, I never saw one wild... But then again, before coming to EMC, I didn't know super-storms were natural.. I also didn't know if pig gets hit with lightning it transforms... (so I accidentally and unknowingly killed one of my pigs out of frustration because it killed almost all of my cows..).. I also didn't know about blue creepers until I found out about the lightning strikes on mobs and almost died to one on SMP6.. xD
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  3. wait.. blue creeper? :eek:
  4. Lightning charged creepers, blue there explosions are absolutely devastating!
  5. You are correct ( I just read the wiki). I have never seen one of these! Time to find a lightning storm!
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  6. you don't want to, they're horrible :( so often I have fallen to they're destruction.
  7. They are my cousins :) They don't come in contact with Minecraft players that very often.. but if you do see one of them tell them they should come visit my smp5 resident some time ^_^
  8. which is why the power of lightning often shows if the gods are angry with some noob :p
  9. Imagine like 10 creepers merged into one exploding all at the same time.. Or like 10 tnt blocks exploding in one square.. o,o
  10. I have seen it before ^_^ ( don't ask how :p )
  11. So wait, the pigs turn into killing machines if they are struck by lightning?
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  12. Pigs transform into Zombie Pigmen when stuck by lightning, yes.. They are normally only seen in the Nether, but if a pig gets hit in the wild with lightning they become one.
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  13. Very interesting! I never knew that.