Xxandster700xX's auction list.

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  1. Hello everyone of EMC! Today i bring you a new way of sponsoring you're auctions!

    How it works:
    When you have a auction that you have just started and want to find ways to get people to notice it you can come here. I will write it in a spoiler for everyone to see in 7 font size and a very noticeable color. To do this i simply ask that you pay me 200r. Now you're probably thinking that people will just ignore this thread and that it would be a waste of money to sponsor your auction here. Well i can safely put your worries to rest. To get people to come here and actually look at the auctions i will offer 100r to the person that wins a sponsored auction. The only rule is that on your first post you say "I used Xxandster700xX's auction list!" this way i will know that you actually used the list.