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  1. for people who have xp grinders they could sell extra xp to those who want simple enchantments
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  2. Or they can just buy a tool with simple enchant. And when you buy you know what'll get. You don't what you'll get before you enchant something.
  3. and what if its cheaper to use a free use enchantment table or thare own
  4. So, small percentage of people grinding for xp so they can sell it to large percentage of lazy people in town for low price, instead of enchanting the pic and sell it for regular price? Hm... tough one.... :/
  5. Or we can go out into the wild for FREE and kill mobs that are in our mines and stuff
  6. Is there a way we could convert our experience back into an entity, so it can be sold? or something to this effect
  7. I think there was a forum about this quite awhile back when I was gold.
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  8. hmm... I will see if I can find it! Challenge accepted :p
  9. There was.

    Also, 1.3 will allow potions of experience to be obtained through trading, so XP purchases will be somewhat enabled.
  10. hmm... I am abandoning my search, there are way to many threads, especially with how little information I have, oh well
  11. The potions dont even give you a lot of xp. It takes about 1000 to get to lvl 50, correct me if wrong.
  12. The enchanting sydtem will be completely different for 1.3 anyway... who knows
  13. why are thay changing it?
  14. They are reducing the maximum enchantment level to 30 (you can still get more) You need only 15 Bookcases- as opposed to 30... The rate of leveling up is changing also. I think I heard someone say you get xp for mining also. We should find out soon enough though