Xp Grinder???

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bigman5432, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Hey, i want to know if there is anyone that made an xp grinder because i want to enchant some picks to sell... i am a lil low on rupees. I want to know if anyone who made one will kindly give me the coordinates... you can pm me or post down but dought because there is too many griefers. Thanks

    Ps- Im in Smp 7... I HATE GRIEFERS
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  2. As you are not a supporter I ought the chance that someone will give you the coordinates of his grinder. As anyone can see you on the live-map also you are a fairly new player so people don't know if you are trust-able. I myself don't have a grinder tho.
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  3. thats what i investigate aswell lol.
  4. I am a new member and just join like a week ago and i love the server.. i just want some rupees to buy some stuff... i dont have material to make one. i have diamond pick and want to enchant it and get rupees out of it.. just b/c im a new member doesnt mean to not trust me.. i never ever did anything bad in minecraft.. never been ban. i had minecraft since alpha.. someone recommended this server to me... i just want some xp, thats all.
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  5. i think i was a gold within a week:)
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  6. so i have to donate to get some xp from a grinder????
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  7. i love the server... but look like its $10 a MONTH, Im not rich, i love the server but not enough to spend money a month.
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  8. dude 10 dollars its not that much mow some lawns that what i do and then i go work for my dad and i have and internship with boston dynamics
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  9. why arent u premium. dont you have to do it threw paypal???
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  10. im not premium becuase i pay for rental and i only get like an extra 10 bucks each month
  11. no, no u dont u can easily make one or find a spawner
  12. yeah u could make ur own also it takes like 50 min or less
  13. i made one an leveled 90+ levels a day the same day.
  14. Omg bro. Mine sucks its only one1/2 how many levels is urs height wise
  15. it goes 23 blocks down.
  16. That's boss
  17. what do u mean u get 90 levels in a day?
  18. you grind for like 3 hours and you can easily level up 90 times.
  19. monster, would it be possible to show me your grinder? we're both active members, and mine got griefed in 6 hours :p just wondering....
  20. hmmm how do u make one? what with a mossy cobble room? :confused: