1. I need someone to build me a good working xp farm.
    I need it 64x64 grinder, please post a comment with the price and how long it will take.
  2. Its better to find a mob spawner and use that instead. And since you are a diamond supporter you can use endertopia :)
  3. You see I am diamond supporter, but endertopia is not what I like, yes you get a lot of xp, but then if i want to enchant stuff with out leaving the server I am on I can't. I want my personal one so that I can use it and go afk and comeback and have all the stuff that spawned is still there
  4. Whenever you unload a chunk mobs despawn ( logging out for example ) so you can't really have that ever. I can build xp farms easy, but if you want what I am thinking it wouldnt be worth it for you.
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