XP farm to be!

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  1. i found a spawner on the new smp2 world and would like to turn it into a grinder! i dont have materials but i know people would love to help! look for this to mark the collection area:
  2. If the spawner you found is where you are standing, then it is well within the periodic reset area, so either it will vanish in two weeks (or when it gets reset) or you will have to rebuild it every time it is reset. I'm not sure exactly how that will work. Either way, you would probably be better off looking for something outside of the reset zone. If you have never built a spawner xp farm before and need help, do a search on youtube, or I can send you a link to a tutorial that really helped me.
  3. well.... ill just get as much xp from the near one as possible!
  4. It will probably get grieved :/ And for a very efficient one you need at least 3 spawners together :)
  5. i found 3 of them together yesterday and im not about to give out their locations good luck to all grinders!! :D :D
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  6. well come by and grind!!! anyone can use it and ill mark the location with wool
  7. Not to burst your bubble, but this grinder will likelly get griefed, you just posted the coords of it *facedesk* :p
  8. well excuse me *boss* :D (im part of the delta team) its a comunity use thing and it will be destroyed anyways in the reset area :p
  9. It will be destroyed straight away :) Trust us /
  10. ok! /trust Alexchance :p
  11. I give it 6 hours maximum.... even on a server like utopia soon as people find things, they greif the hell out of them; if you make it into a grinder, use cobble or something cheap! :p
  12. already made it into a grinder! i also hid the actual entrance and only the mob thing is accessable! :)