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  1. What's the best xp farm to have at residences, because a normal sky trap Won't work, or is it worth it to just build one in the frontier.
  2. Hostile and aggressive mobs do not spawn in town, so it's probably better to make a grinder in the wild. Enderman grinders (In my opinion) are probably the most efficient, but building them can be a pain. In town however, there's not much variety to gain XP apart from breeding/killing animals. :)
  3. There is always Villager resetting to find the ones with Bottle o' Enchanting..
  4. use a villager xp farm... just make a breeder and have a small funnel... that is if villagers drop xp...
  5. In town you have about 3-4 choices... Trading with villagers who have Bottle o' Enchanting, Breeding and killing animals, Mining silktouch'd ores which you have bought from somewhere & finally make cut down a bunch of trees auction the logs and then use the money gained to buy Bottle o' Enchanting from somewhere(even /shop). One things though your probably better off building something in the frontier, the best mob for gathering XP is a blaze although grinders can be quite difficult to create ;)
  6. I use to breed cows for xp, then I'd kill all the adult cows, keeping the calves. Use to get good xp. But, then after the 1.5 update, there's a problem with them not escaping through fences or blocks. It's a problem that is even on the Mojang forums. If you can figure a way to contain them, it gave decent XP.
  7. Mining Quartz is probably your best bet, if you're planning on getting XP in town.
  8. Thank You all for your replies! I think ima go with a skytrap on the frontier, is there a way to hide/protect it from griefing
  9. Go far, far away from spawn/outposts.. o,o'
  10. Yea the only issue with that is that it takes forever to get back because you can't just teleport back to town, there are some started I might finish them
  11. The best way is to make a teleporter to the Nether, then walk in the Nether (it's like 1 block in Nether = 7 blocks in OverWorld?) and then link the teleport once you get close to Town Spawn. But, be sure to keep the teleporter concealed...
  12. You mean sync a Nether Portal to a portal at your residence? That won't work as Nether Portals transport you to the wild/frontier instead of town. :)
  13. bring a blaze spawner to town, try silk touch on it, i think that works
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  14. One thing you could do is go on a smp that you don't normally use an head deep into the wild there. Your expierience will transfer when you to back on your home server and you will Never need to make a long treck back.
  15. No haha, I'm saying...find a spawner in the Wild somewhere, whether it be close or far away. And, in the event that it very far away, then just create a portal to the Nether, and then walk in the Nether, and then link it so that you don't have to walk as far. Saves a decent amount of time, yet that description may be slightly confusing.
  16. Nether travel is extremely hard without a lot of fire resistent potions and that was before the survival update. Don't nether portals in town teleport to other residences or did they remove that?
  17. It won't. Just don't try it.
  18. ive done it like 6 times
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  19. :D
  20. Everyone should try it :)