Xeriul Amazing Enchants!

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  1. Xeriul's Amazing Enchants!
    Diamond Pick
    • Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III | In stock: 4 | 6,500R
    • Fortune III, Ubreaking III | In stock: 0 | 9,000R
    • Efficiency IV | In stock 2 | 1,500R
    • Fortune III | In stock 1 | 5,000R
    • Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III | In stock 1 | 17,000R
    • Efficiency IV, Fortune III | In stock 1 | 7,500r
    • Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch I | In stock 0 | 17,000R
    • Efficiency IV, Fortune III, Unbreaking III | In stock 2 | 14,000R
    Diamond Shovel

    • Efficiency IV | In stock 0 | 1500R
    • Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch I | In stock 1 | 10,000R
    Diamond Sword

    • Sharpness IV, Knockback II | In stock 1 | 5000R
    Hello! This is my Official Enchantment Shop thread. I will be constantly updating this everytime something sell or I enchant something new! Hope you enjoy my service!
    I will deliver to you, or you can pick it up at my shop on SMP9!
    PM me about delivery purchases
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  2. Interested in the Eff 4 pick and the shovel! SMP1 - :)
  3. quick and easy trade - thanks mate!
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  4. Added new pick! Silk touch :D
  5. hey can i sell u a silk touch 1 unbreaking 3 to you never used it would make your shop better i will work out a price with you later contact me at smp2 4295 or post on my page
  6. Please don't advertise on other threads, he is looking to sell, not buy.

    Quick question, why is the top one the same price as the Fortune 7.5k?
  7. I don't really know :S but there both good prices :)
  8. Ahaha, the Fortune is but the other one should be lowered, I suggest :)
  9. sorry i did not know that u wanted to sell only i just wanted to get rid of the pick i aready sold it for 12500 so it dont matter
  10. tbh fortune should be worth at least the same as silk touch.

    a single fortune 3 pickaxe w/o UBR3 will make you 165k rupees roughly if only used on diamonds

    15k is more than fair.

    I honestly think they should be 30k, and 50k with unbreaking (Since Ubr3 + Fortune 3 will make you over 650k rupees on a single pickaxe... come on!)
  11. also, I sold eff4 ST Ubr3 for 24k. Should raise these prices =P

    and for clarity on my numbers...

    1500 * 4 * 50 * 2.2

    1500ish uses (dont know exact #) uses on a single diamond pickaxe, UBR3 makes it last roughly 4x longer, diamonds are roughly 50 rupees each, and Fortune 3 gives on average 120% more drops.
  12. I would like two diamond picks:

    Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III
    Fortune III, Ubreaking III

    How about 14000r for both?

    I'll be online in 2-3 hours so we can talk then :)