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  1. So, I bought TitalFall on the 12th and have been playing it like crazy. I can honestly say I think this game has won Game of the Year Hands Down. The game-play is amazing. The only Thing that is New and Not to popular yet is the Completely Multiplayer Game-play, even the campaign is completely Multiplayer! Having 10 missions, which you can play as both sides, so if you wanna say there is 20 total missions. Winning and losing missions sets up how the campaign goes on.

    The coolest aspect of the game is the freedom. i literally was running a Titan came and was shooting at me with his 40mm cannons, I jumped onto the wall ran across the walla dogging every bullet that he shot, jumped onto his titan (rodeo) and killed him. Bam!! Like that, The best description i have heard of the game yet is a mix of Borderlands + Call of Duty + Halo + Battlefield. YES i pretty much named EVERY big name game out there. The Next game i am excited for.. DESTINY

    I give this game a 10/10

    What do you guys think about TITANFALL??

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  2. I WANT IT NOW ;_;
    Im going to buy it when i have the money for it , or maby i can get it for my birthday.. but i dont think thats going to happen :/

    I almost played the beta non stop (pc) , its awsome :3
    Definitly 10/10

    Most of the time im a pilot running around cause i love how you can wall run and jump really high.

    Im exited about watchdogs..
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  3. For sure the Parkour is just amazing, the freedom the game gives you is like no other
  4. I heard great things about this game and it looks amazing. I have yet to play it though, but still considering.
  5. Heard great things.. Planning to get it tonight, no sleep for me :D
  6. I'm going to get soon on a PC.
    One thing thing I don't like is that online is only 6 vs 6 plus grunts.
    The multiplayer should be customizable without the campaign stuff.
    The game play gives this Mirror's edge parkour feel, and I love it.
  7. I think the game looks fairly cool, but I do not really think it is my kind of thing. I am more excited about this game..
    I also think 'Tom Clancy's: The Division' will be a brilliant game along with Watchdogs too.

    As I said, Titanfall seems to be the new big I think, and looks very cool, but it is not my kind of thing and I shall be looking out for those games mentioned above instead. :)
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  8. Have fun using 48gb of your storage up for it. It is too bad that they optimized it for the .000000001% of PC gamers. I have to say I am more impressed with the gameplay (played at a friend's) than I expected to be, but considering that I will never fork the money over for an X1 (as a PC hardware enthusiast, I am very disappointed with it), and the fact that they made many poor choices with the PC version, I will not be getting it.
  9. Yea that 48gb download is massive, an yes I think Microsoft was really pushing for the xbone since e3
  10. Who needs titanfall when you have this game :D