Xbox 720 and PS4

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  1. I just want to ask everyone,will you buy a 720 or PS4 when it comes out?And what do you expect from them?
  2. It will take like 2 years until xbox720 comes out....
  3. Did you make this thread because you were bored?
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  4. lol
  5. I would probably buy them both. Maybe not both at the same time. But I like both platforms. I currently only have the xbox 360, and still need to buy a new PS3, but that will happen soon.
  6. Wii U.
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  7. The xbox 720 is called "xbox loop" not xbox 720 and the ps4 is called "playstation 4 orbis" but I won't buy any of them I'll buy Wii U;)
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  8. I'm just going out on a limb with this, but something tells me the PS4 will copy some stuff from the WII U, just like the PS3 did with the WII.
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  9. qc-ptsopzuu64xmmjs0dzq2 (1).jpg
    got this off the funny picture thread
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  10. I wonder if theres any leaked specs of PS4 and Xbox 720?
  11. I currently own a Wii (red) and Xbox 360 (fat)
  12. The only Nitendo console I ever bought was a GameCube. At it was boss. And I have realized, snce GameCube and their last GameBoy, it seems they have spiraled downhill into more "Kid freindly" consoles and games. Hopefully, that will change. For now, its the Xbox Loop.