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Bit obvious...

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  1. Most of you are probably wondering what the title means and you probably all think I'm going to explain it in this very long and pointless paragraph. Well you fot it wrong.. sorry, i owe everyone 30 seconds of their life back! :p

    Anyway enough silly chitchat, I was on my 360 a few days ago and realised that most lf my friends have migrated to the next gen platforms, i on the other hand don't want one (yet.. not yet... NO HATE! :p)

    Anyway I'm going to list a few of the games below that i like to play and if anyone is interested in joining me feel free:p here goes:

    1. Gta V
    2. BO2
    3. Call of duty ghosts
    4. Battlefield 3
    5. Minecraft
    6. Cod 4
    7. Fable the journey
    8. Halo 4
    9................................Advanced warfare (I'll be getting it this week)

    So yeah, if you like/play any of the games i listed above feel free to send me a PM on the site sending me your gamer tag :) If anyone wants to add me feel free :D also if you want to know of any tips/tricks and glitches for gta 5 just ask :) none of them will be to help you gain money or rp

    *drops the microphone, exits the building* thank you very much for your time.
  2. Ghost meh, I'd get mw2, minecraft ps4 meh. Just get a pc. And if you don't want to build a pc for some reason. Get a PS4. Last of us, no man's sky. Though no man's sky will be pc. Just get PC. PC.
  3. Got a PC and a laptop :p xbox is for the times my dads doing all that 'important' work :p and nah i could never switch to playstation :/ although i do have a Ps1... if that counts haha and i have mw3 i kust don't llay it that often
  4. MW3 is like the worst COD. MW1 is so good. 2 just has much better graphics. And why wouldn't you switch to ps4?
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  5. :O *slaps tiger* Nooo! And what would you recommend out of MW1 and MW2? And i just don't really like playstations :/ idk just my opinion i guess
  6. Erm.. If you dropped the microphone.. How would we hear the thanks? :p
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  7. *picks up the microphone* thank you all for listening *throws the microphone at scartheninja's head* c:
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  8. MW2 is the second best Call Of Duty in my opinion. Although many will disagree, Call Of Duty 2 (the literal number 2) is probably my favourite still...

    Also, I agree, I wouldn't be able to make a transition to PlayStation. I have the PS2 but never really got into it. I recently transitioned from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, and find that the Xbox One is a very different format, but I think I have gotten used to it after a week or so of playing! :) I just prefer the formats and controllers. I found my friend's PlayStation 3 too hard to use the controller with, it was too different. I still like the PlayStation, but I just much prefer the styling of Xbox and most of my friends use Xbox too :p
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  9. Yeah, i just got hacked on call of duty 4 lol, prestige 10 level 55 :p only played 2 online matches haha.

    Most people will argue and say "it's just because your an xboc fan boy" but trust mr I've played on a ps1/ps2/ps3 and ps4 and rhe ps3 wad the only one that felt 'comfortable' in one sence. I much prefer the layout and the hardware on the xbox, it makes it easy to use yet challenging.. i love it.

    I will be converting to a next generation console later in life but i don't see the point at the moment with all my exams coming up :p when i do though it will definitely be the xbox1, no doubt about it. Do you have any pros and cons for the xbox1? Juzt1 as a help? Don't worry if not. :)
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  10. Make sure you have enough room for it, it can only be placed flat. Don't play with it upwards, it will kill everything... :p Other than that, it's just a matter of getting used to the format! I'd also recommend that you play with friends on it too, I find that consoles can get boring and lonesome without others playing too! :)
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  11. Well when i get it i guess i just found a friend :p and my friends list ln 360 pretty much consists of advanced warfare or xbox1 :p and I'm guessing it has the same nono and the 360, DO NOT move the console while thw game is spinning haha
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  12. Indeed, I don't really recommend that with any console ;)
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