[Xbox 360] The Orange Box

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  1. Normally, The Orange Box on Xbox 360 is about $20.00 (I believe). It features five EXTREMELY amazing games that I would say are STILL worth $20 alone. Right now, you can pick it up for just $5.00 on sale on the Xbox Marketplace as a Gold Member.
    The bread and butter of the game is Team Fortress 2 (the not updated version, which in many opinions, is the better version). It's a multiplayer game that still after being out for a good almost 6-7 years still has an active community, including myself and @OrigamiJoe and some other friends you may have heard of like Brewing Master.
    Anyways, I highly recommend you guys pick this up. It's a game some of us still play now and then and have a blast every time we do. Let us know if ya pick it up and you can add us on Xbox and join in on the fun. :D
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  2. Saw this and picked it up last night, been on HL2 mostly.
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  3. Enjoy the greatness Rainbow. If I ever catch you online when we're TF2ing it up, I'll invite ya. :D
  4. I downloaded about a year and half ago. Me and my friend played it for well over 30 hours. It was really fun, but now we have PCs and so we just play TF2 on there.
  5. this :/
    I have over 800 hours on TF2 PC though :3
  6. I still play The Orange Box!

    in fact I may have played with you before on 2fort?
  7. It's possible. The two maps we'll always for sure play a night are 2Fort and Dustbowl.