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  1. Welcome to the Official thread for Xandrow' Enchanted Items
    All the items for sale is listen below with prices.

    You can find my shop on SMP5 Res #11240

    Don't find the prices fair?
    Keep it to your self.

    Tool - Enchantment - Price - Amount in Stock

    Diamond PickAxe - Fortune III, Unbreaking III - 5000R (2)
    Diamond PickAxe - Silktouch,Efficiency IV - 4000R (2)
    Diamond PickAxe - Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV - 1600R (1)

    Private Message Me For Theese
    Diamond PickAxe - Fortune III,Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV -5800R (2)
    Diamond PickAxe - Silktouch I,Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV - 6800R (3)


    If you are interested in tools with 3Enchantment please private message me ingame or here on forums.

    Once you pay for the tool there is no way to get the money back.
    I'm not responsible for the tool after you receive it
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  2. I want silk touch I unbreaking III please :)
  3. Silk 1, Unbreaking3 Sold :D
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  4. Thanks for doing business with me!
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  5. I want 2, silk touch 1 unbreaking III please
  6. 2Silktouch1, efficiency 4 sold.

    -Iceraider14 set up a chest for me i will put both picks there tomorrow. I'm going to bed now. :)
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  7. Xandrow I set up a chest for you on Smp8
  8. I can't connect to Minecraft.net atm. Sorry for the delay
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  9. 1 Efficiency IV sold
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  10. can i take a fortune III pick?
    is it unused???
    Thx :)
  11. Sure you can. And yes all my tools are unused, i'm not selling my own used tools haha :)

    [EDIT] Pm me your details once you get online.
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  12. UPDATE: I got new picks, just need to add them to the list, which i will do when i have time!
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  13. okay, what smp are you on?
  14. and ill see if i can get on @ 7:00 my time (it is 6:51 my time right now) so ill see if u can get online @ the same time
  15. I'm working on the shop for the enchanted stuff right now. If i finish it before you get on you can just come there and buy it.

    Ps. It's on SMP5. First Res from /town South side
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  16. UPDATE: More Picks added in the thread. Shovels added (they aint in thread yet)

    SHOP IS DONE: SMP5 - 10008
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  17. Make sure u have an extra sign there do I don't get confused and buy the wrong one!!!
  18. All chest-shop have a sign above there says what i sell in that specific chest.
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  19. UPDATE: Lowered the prices abit. Also i didn't add Shovels into this thread yet.
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  20. What server are you on?

    I might buy on in the near future.