X Factor NZ- What's Your Verdict?

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  1. Some of you may of heard of the recent "bullying" that went on, on the X Factor NZ recently. For those of you who don't know Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon severely criticised a contestant for the clothes he was wearing, later the next day they were fired.

    I was just wondering what the people of Emc thought of this?

    I, myself, feel that this was scripted. For instance rumours say that the two were bound to leave anyway due to them "dropping the ratings." So I think that the media purposely done this to create all this attention and to raise the ratings and views. Also another thing to support this includes the fact of a TV Guide (NZ magazine) coming out before this happened with only two of the judges featuring in it, coincidence? I think not.

    Share your opinion emc.
    P.S: heres the video link if you haven't seen it

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  2. good riddance they are off xfactor NZ, that contestant was on fleek. how is wearing a suit and a hairstyle copying her husband? he didn't copyright anything and who even is he
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  3. I think it was unreasonably rude, and outright unprofessional. For goodness sake, he was wearing a suit, and had a vaguely resembling hair style - and even the host was wearing a similar outfit. The reason for that is it's quite common for men to wear suits, and it's a pretty common hairstyle. For a TV show that's about singing, Natalie Kills sure did get worked up about a simple wardrobe choice, and overreacted majorly. I'm glad they were fired - no one who's just performed and is no doubt nervous, should be berated for something as minor as that.