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  1. while i never did one of these tour things for my manor i thought it'd be fun to give you guys a mini tour of what i have done on my current project so far.
    To begin we'll spawn in and see...a solid obsidian wall:
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    So how do you get in? well look down and youll see a button:Best Minecraft Servers

    looks like fun. lets press the button cause hey why not, buttons are fun. pistons move and do something. waits lets back up a moment a take a look see if something changed and sure enough two of the collumns opened up:Best Minecraft Servers

    don't forget to close the doors behind you:
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    up next on this tour is the inside of the walls. i really love the lava collums. add some nice dynamic light to the whole theme:
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    But those are minor. the main attraction on the res awaits. a large active volcano!
    taken on the res itself:
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    taken from the neighbouring res (which also just happens to be my gold res):
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    now that we're done marvelling at the picturesque lava flowing down the side of the netherrack mountain lets scale it and check out the top:
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    such a lovely relaxing spa-like setting awaits in the form of a lava pool. lets jump in and whoa! you sunk through the entire crater. well duh. volcanoes do have vents and stuff going into the earth. and while mine is not into the earth it is hollow allowing for a mini nether garden...
    taken from the top of the gazebo:
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    since i made it so it looked like the lava flowed out from the central point i used red stained glass to see the lava underneath the gazebo:
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    and finally the gazebo itself made from netherbricks, red stained clay and some quartz slabs:
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    and finally whats a nether garden without the warts? well its not a garden thats for sure. so netherwart gardens around in the 4 quardrants:

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    Well that's about it so far. i hope you enjoyed this. the res is not done yet by any means. i have big plans for it still. just thought i'd share the progress so far. and if you want to see this in person then by all means feel free to stop by res 14824 on smp7
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  2. Nice! Can't wait to see what else you do with it :D
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  3. I'm glad this is on a res, I would be sacrificing to the lava gods again if it were in the wild.

    Looks great, especially with that texture pack.
  4. Hiphip HORRAY
  5. Nice texture pack! But where's the headache?

    Also, Gawadrolt didn't check. (Nobody will understand. :p)
  6. thnx! its the wolfhound dungeon texture pack btw. kinda dark. but totally awesome once you get used to it.
    lol baradar i die in the wild/wastes/nether enough thanks to lava. I'm not crazy enough to build a volcano in the wilds. :)
    azoundria the headache is in all the obsidian. its beautiful but kinda annoying to mine if i make a mistake as i do not use beacons in town. and i had make a rather large mistake. In picture 5 with the collumns in the wall...that used to be a solid wall of obsidian. i had forgotten to leave them open behind the outer pillars and needed to mine them all out without an eff5 pick btw. hence the title containing headache.
  7. So you're the one using up all the obsidian on the server? :p
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  8. perhaps. -attempts to look adorablely innocent- =p
    lol in seriousness tho I haven't bought a single block of obsidian. just attempting to drain the nether of lava
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  9. To clarify, because it made no sense at all to me. She is going to the nether, gathering lava, coming back to town and covering it with water...


    Gawadrolt I have spent the last fifteen minutes trying to figure out what I'm supposed to check... what is it?!?!

    Today at 6:58 PM
    1. azoundria Did you look at the photos?
      Today at 8:46 PM

    2. Gawadrolt *shamed head bow* oh... that...