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  1. this thread is for all tho's emc WWE watcher's

    if u dont know what WWe is,its a tv show were superstars fight(street and in ring)

    i just want to know how is your favorite WWE superstar

    mine is John Cena

    if u have any stuff on your mined to ask me about the show just post

    here is a pic of john cena
  2. At first I thought this thread was about WW3 not WWE.
  3. I'm not really a fan of WWE anymore. But my favorite would be John Cena, The Rock, or Randy Orton...
  4. When i used to watch it my fav was Randy Orton. I stopped when i was little because i found out it was fake.
  5. I used to watch this when I was about 12 years old.. Fake..... You can see the artificial blood packets in their mouths... I have no favourites.
  6. it is fake and your fan was not randy u were randys fan :p
  7. He said FAV not FAN.

    I used to be forced to watch it. I hated it. The straw that broke the camel's back was when my (now ex) boyfriend A. screamed out while I was cooking and I burned the crap out of myself when I jumped because it scared me and B. when he called his aunt and was telling her Chris Benoit died and as if someone in their family had just died or there was an emergency.

    "Are you sitting down?" "You might want to sit down for this." "Chris Benoit was found dead."
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  8. Watched it with pandas a few times thought it was stupid mainly because john cena or what ever his name is acts like a total tool bag to everyone at first i thought ohhh thats just his character for the show. but no hes a real tool bag along with half the others.

    I usually dont diss people on shows most are decent people but sometimes there is that handful of people that make you want to flip tables and burn stuff.

    Edit: just my thoughts dont wanna cause a flame war if your a john cena fan congratulations a david bowie fan you can make fun of him xD
  9. My dad actually works/teaches with a guy that is in the medical part of WWE, so when they were in a nearby town somewhat recently, we got free tickets for front row, and got to go backstage and meet a few of the peoples, take pictures, etc. So if you guys want free tickets when they're in your area, I'm your guy :p
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  10. I used to be a huge wrestling fan. Not so much anymore because I'm sick of Cena constantly being in the title picture and used as an unstoppable babyface. Sorry, can't stand that guy. They need to turn him heel. Bring the fans back in by making Cena rip their hearts out. He can be a good heel because he was one when he first started.
    The Monday Night Wars (between WWF & WCW) were great. The nWo, DX, Stone Cold, The Rock were all born from that era. Stone Cold is still my favorite wrestler of all time. I have an event worn shirt that's autographed by him. Smells like beer. It's awesome. Going to get it framed and hung up by the rest of my NFL/NBA jerseys.
    The Rock is up there in my book as well. He was great on the mic and in the ring.

    My favorites are/were
    1. Stone Cold
    2. The Rock
    3. Kane
    3a. Undertaker
    4. Hardyz, Edge & Christian, Dudley Boyz
    5. Goldberg
    6. HHH
    And I despise Hulk Hogan.
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  11. yea the old times were good
    -undertaker is 21-0 now
    -john cena is WWE champ
    -rock got his butt kicked
    -hall of fame is today at 8pm on usa
    -HHH won broke lesnar
    -2 days ago was the main stage of all wrestal maina
    from old times i loved stone cold

    DX were nice too
  12. He deserved it after Lesnar broke HHH's arm. I never liked Lesnar, he was always a self centered jerk who flew off the handle at everything. I feel sorry for the person who gets his Coffee order messed up.

    I SAID A HALF CAF MOCHA LATTE WITH SOY MILK NOT THIS CRAP RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR! *flips guy over table and body slams, rips off shirt and charges headfirst through a window*
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  13. I also hate the women. they just wear skimpy outfits and strut their cantaloupes around. I bet i could get in there and down everyone of them.


    Me - "RAWRRR" *floops the floozy*

    "OMG MY HAAIR MY NAILS" *crys as brit takes the belt like a champ"
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  14. You are right :p
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  15. I don't know why I haven't started watching this, I find the idea of watching people fight for my own amusement very appealing.