WTF Sheep?

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  1. I make all these ornate pens and sheep and animals just glitch out and disappear. I've lost a lot in dye, time, and animals. WTF
  2. Lol like they have time to sit around and do nothing.
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  3. Huh? The sheep?
  4. Yes the sheep. They like all the other animals have a lot of work to do. They can't just hang out on your lot all day.
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  5. Yeah they glitch out, but thats from minecraft itself, not related to EMC.
    Sorry bro, nothing we/you/admins/mods can do :(
    Next time, try to triple check for security on them ;)
  6. :( But i spent good rupees on the stuff. And yea i got the joke im just slow and a little frustrated at the moment.
  7. Unfortunately, there are a few things that are "part of the experience" that aren't really very enjoyable. There have been glitches that have caused me to die by respawning me in lava or in a mob trap, and almost every time I've lost many rupees worth of inventory. You really only have a small handful of choices when these types of things happen: 1. Stay mad at the game for a little bit, then go out and get busy mining more stuff and making more rupees. 2. Stay mad at the game forever and quit playing. 3. Go outside and curse the name of Mojang and throw in a few choice words that you are forbidden to say here.

    I'm sure I've missed a few others. I hope you'll choose option 1.
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  8. I'll do a mix of em.
  9. Personally I like option 4... combine options 1 and 3...
  10. I like option #5, Go outside with a pickaxe, find real diamonds, and then sell them, and pay off mojang to fix the errors that concern you, before focusing on other thing! o.0