WTF!!! I'm off yet on a server!?

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  1. Hello there, Empire members! I today, had a SLIGHT problem on smp7. My computer somehow lost connection to it while I was playing. I tried to reconnect to it but failed. Being a big Minecraft player, I tried to connect to another Empire server. There comes the problems, I wasn't able to connect to it because I was already on an Empire server and that I couldn't be on two Empire servers at a time. WHAT!!! I'm on smp7 while I'm not able to connect!? I hope some moderators or Empire staff see this message soon so they can tackle whatever problem may be causing this.

  2. :oops: just read that smp7 was down
  3. Me too I wrote this then read that one post lol. XD
  4. i deleted my earlier post on here because of that :p
  5. SMP7 is currently down. The database server still thinks you are on SMP7. You will have to wait until this is fixed.
  6. i hope the server is gonna be better
  7. I won't because I like to show people what I write.
  8. It appears everyone on SMP7 who was there when the problem happened has this issue, I will attempt to kick everyone from 7 who's still on so they can go to other servers while they wait. :)
  9. Ok thanks!!!
  10. how did the icc=tnt disaster joke start?
  11. ask him
  12. Ask who?
  13. Usually when people are disconnected unexpectedly, the server will think they are on still until the online list is refreshed which could take a couple of minutes.. Try restarting the client..
  14. I sort of figured that out by now, but thanks anyways!
  15. icc or icecreamcow
  16. You could right now he's online.