[WTB] Supporter vouchers

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by goofballbroker, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. I am looking for one or two gold or diamond supporter vouchers.
    I am willing to trade a small amount of rupees (<= 30k ) plus promos such as lucky bow, max head, or icc valentines day head. also I can trade emeralds.

    Please send me a PM with offers,
  2. 30k, for a diamond voucher? The cheapest ive seen is 110, idk if a lucky bow can help you there :(
  3. Well, I've got 9 lucky bows and 6 max heads, I think i should be able to get something xP I wasn't expecting on spending only 30k on a diamond voucher, maybe 30k plus a lucky bow and max head for a gold one.
  4. Err, lucky bows arent direct rupees so they cant be priced at max buy value, perhaps as an extra lucky bow into that to get a gold one :p

    My logic 30k +35k (17.5k Per Lucky Bow) +7.5k (Maxiaran Head) = 72.5k
  5. Well I have a diamond voucher and I was looking for maybe 2 DCS of emeralds plus 20k
  6. Anyone else?