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  1. If anyone has some fairly priced stone or even better FREE stone, please let me know in a PM your res number and what server, I'll be happy to take what I get.

    I'm currently adding onto my WILD based Residence and will be in need of a lot of stone for my abyss.
  2. Which SMP are you on and your res number? I'll need to vault you the cobble if you'll take that. I'm in the wild and that would be easier for me. I am curious about this abyss. What is it? An underwater base?
  3. i'm actually good on stone now :). it took a good chunk out of my pocket but i have that done, now i need to gather some ores..
    its 14030 on smp 7

  4. What kind of project are you working on?
  5. Ores at 3456 SMP2 :)
  6. just adding ores to the ravine to make it more wild like. next i will be adding lava and than than i'll be adding an underwater cave.