[WTB] Spawners/Grinders

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  1. I am in need on some XP grinders..
    I will buy any of the following:
    Dual Zombie
    Single Blaze
    Triple Zombie
    on all servers EXCEPT utopia or smp4

    Please PM me if you want to negotiate.

    DISCLAIMER: http://spawner.emcurl.com
  2. Why not SMP4?
  3. That's my home server and I want to stay in town.
  4. Bump. For the Zombies it doesn't have to be a grinder, just spawners close enough together for a grinder.
  5. bump... I'll pay a decent price!
  6. Also not buying on SMP1
  7. Still buying....
  8. Bump please guys...
  9. You'll find it hard to find anyone that finds and sells.
  10. İ have a triple spawner, but İ cant remember coords and İm on a vacation.

    Pm me and İ will get back to you in 1-1,5weeks