wtb shovels

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  1. J.G. Wentworth style. Money in exchange for enchanted diamond shovels. Only interested in unbreaking or efficiency—I will not pay extra for silky or fortune.


    How much I will pay:
    For levels of unbreaking...
    1 = 200 400
    2 = 900 1,800
    3 = 2,200 4,400

    For levels of efficiency....
    1 = 120 240
    2 = 325 650
    3 = 750 1,500
    4 = 1,595 3,190
    5 = 3,102 6,104


    If, for some reason, you don't have shovels but you do have levels: I will provide you with a shovel to enchant, with a measly 30r deduction to the amount payed.

    You could get payed 5,302 10,604 rupees for a shovel. Isn't that a deal? If you don't like my prices then I guess I'll have to do this myself...
  2. Hi, I'm doubling the amount I'll pay.

    Someone should sell me shovels.
  3. Those are some crazy good prices. I'll enchant up a few tonight and make an access chest on my res. If you're interested, you can just take them. I trust you to pay the right amount.
  4. I will sell you some tomorrow.
  5. I can sell you a lot tomorrow :)
  6. The prices are astronomically high. I can supply you unlimited unbreaking 3, efficiency 4 diamond shovels for significantly less cost.

    2300r each to be precise.

    I challenge anyone to offer a better deal. :)

    Once the shovel is deep in the red (durability), it can be repaired for the cost of 1 diamond + 2 sticks (aprox 73r) and 30 levels, on an anvil.
    I can do this for you also for a small cost. Say 700r.
  7. I can get an unb III eff V shovel or 2 I'll fix some up tonight :)
  8. you still need some? I have an eff V unb III here