[WTB] Pine Wood

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  1. Does anyone have Pine Planks or Pine Planks? I'm looking for quite a bit.. so if I could get it for a cheap price that'd be much appreciated.
    Post your res number and server number followed by the number of logs or planks i get for whatever price.
    Thanks again,
  2. I might have a couple stacks
  3. I have 217 pine logs. How much?
  4. post how much you're selling them for cause i need em for cheap but not so cheap that you lose a lot of cash. :p
  5. I really don't know, as I don't really sell wood, but how much would you pay per plank?
  6. i'll do 2r per plank if you wanna.
  7. so you willing to do that?
  8. logs or planks? ill take either, preferably logs though