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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by JimmyCoupons, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. I have sent an email as well but thought this may be a good idea as well,any help is greatly appreciated.Dear Empire Mine craft,

    I would first like to say I greatly enjoy your sever and I find it to be one of the best SMP severs around due to it's fairness and rupee system. i have been a resident on smp3 for sometime now and I have never once violated andy of the rules of the empire. As I just attempted to log in around 4:30 pm eastern time today I was shocked to see that I was "Ban reason griefing with lava"! the last thing i did with lava was that I dumped one single bucket on a stack of dirt in the wilderness in order to make it easier to find on the map. in the process no structures were harmed (which doesn't matter because its in the wilderness where theres no evidence of anyone else had been there). There is no rule saying that i can not use lava on dirt which was what I did , that in no way shape or form fits the Empires or anyones definition of"grief" because nothing was destroyed. I would like for my false ban to please be lifited at this time as it was in error. Thank you for your time.

    Joseph piomelli, jimmycoupons smp3.
  2. did you PM IcC or the Mod that banned you? you say E-mail? who??
  3. Oh, Jimmy! Wait for a response to your pm. Hopefully this can get sorted out. Next time, no lava. If you get a next time!
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  4. to icc, put "to appeal a ban pm a mod or admen do NOT post a thread" on the front page
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  5. i dont see how thats bannable but PM a mod.. posting on the forums only decreases your chance of being accepted back.
  6. I'm sorry that you were banned, but the public forums are not the place for ban appeals, however legitimate they may seem. PM any staff member on the site, and they will add the mod who banned you to the conversation so that you can discuss what occurred. Best of luck with your appeal :)
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  7. I would just like to say, Lying will get you no where. I highly doubt you did what you said or they wouldn't have banned you.. It's best to just be truthful, Don't dig a bigger hole.
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  8. /p him ;)
  9. Exactly, He griefed with lava. He said he just poured it over some dirt.
  10. thats gonna be hard to get unbanned now, we finally get a long XD
  11. Wth is this madness?
  12. what?
  13. I seen no proof that he did or didn't, so when exactly did you become a mod or admin and decide these things?
  14. I didn't, but a moderator did decide these things after seeing evidence.

    Anyhow, Were did I say I was a moderator? I was just relaying exactly was /p said.
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  15. To be fair, placing lava randomly in the wild could be counted as griefing, if you end up burning trees etc and pointlessly griefing the natural wild. I remember somebody being banned for pouring lava all over a jungle biome straight after 1.2 came out, for example, and you can be banned for detonating TNT near spawn. Although this is on a smaller scale, it's the same principle.

    So you can't say for sure that Jimmy is lying.
  16. I remeber that, Isn't that were the famous Justin quote - You see in EmpireMinecraft the server troll you, come from?
  17. Yeah.
  18. Yes, I believe it was actually.. I'd forgotten that
  19. Yep, that's the one. A guy built huge towers, poured lava down them and some of those were in Jungle biome. All were within a hundred blocks of protected area I think.
  20. And then Justin said:
    "You are one of the lamest trolls I have ever seen... All the 'work' you did was undone with a few hits on my keyboard. You see, in Empire Minecraft, the server trolls you."
    Or something along those lines.
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