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  1. Hello EMC as you may or may not know I am starting a newspaper! There is only one problem that has not been fixed, I need writers! to be a writer for the newspaper, there are no special requirements. All you need to do is write an article about something that has happened to EMC or to minecraft in the not too distant past, then submit it to me by starting a conversation with me and copy paste your article in there. If your article is chosen you will receive a free 100r and it will be printed in the first issue of the newspaper. More than one article will be accepted. Please submit one!
  2. I said I would write the whole book! But i got a article write now
  3. no, I'm composing the book of a number of articles, you have to submit articles to me, then some will make the cut and go into the newspaper
  4. i need some rupees:( so ill write a few for u;)
  5. Currently there is only one article submitted, and that one has been accepted. Please submit more, they don't have to long, and I would prefer if they were under half a page typed, in 14 times new roman font. The 100r (payed to you) if your article is accepted still applies. Hoping to see more article in my inbox!:)
  6. I will definitely be a writer! And a supplier of your newspaper for SMP9! :D