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  1. Ten servers? I never thought EMC would grow that large.
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  2. Aus!!!! Welcome Back :)

    Yes, the empire is becoming a real empire!
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  3. Indeed it is :)
  4. Hey Ausqb, I hope you remember me from when you were a gold supporter
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  5. Well hello there stranger =P
    Yes. We have grown larger. And also had some amazing things added as well.
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  6. Ermm who are you? :confused: LOL Jk, welcome back mate! Good to see you are still allive :p :)
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  7. Hey Ausqb, nice to see you stranger :D
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  8. Yes, very good to see you Aus! As you can see I've shed my GKJ name and formally moved into this, one, haha. Good to see you around. You should take pride in what we've become, were a huge part of getting our original groundwork started. :)
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  9. She's talking about me! :cool:

    [edit] Seriously, I believe I started after you left, but I've heard wonderful things.
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  10. well long time no see hey aus welcome back to the roman empire always expanding exempt it doesn't collapse
  11. Welcome back bud! Glad to see you didn't die during your absence. We missed you. :D
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  12. Oh, STOP it you! Anyways, welcome back Aus. Good to see ya.