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  1. did anybody notice that you can place stairs upside down!

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  2. This is just AWESOME!
  3. Well OfC justin know's HE AWESOME !!!
  4. Haha :) thats cool. Ive been away from minecraft for 2 months.
    I just figured out you could place slabs on ceilings, and they occupy the top half of the block, not the bottom =]
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  5. Saw you on today for a moment, Qwerty. Welcome back :)

    Agreed! love the new stairs and slabs ability. I'd been wishing I could do that since I started playing.

    Now I just wonder if they're gonna come out with tinted glass, or if that was just a rumor...
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  6. Oh man i would love tinted glass some of the stain glass art you could make :eek:
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  7. There is a mod for tinted glass maybe justin can put it in the server
  8. Yeh i know of the mod but i think you need spoutcraft to see it >.< well the one i have seen is
  9. yeah, and it'd be a lot more subtle than wool. it'd be perfect, I think. the only thing that has turned me from wool is its stark appearance against other building materials. I'd love to add a bit of translucent color to my res :)
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  10. your windmill looks cool, man. How'd you cover those signs in white?
  11. Its the texture pack he is using :)
  12. Something I've wanted since I started playing was glass stairs...
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  13. Yeah that's pretty cool. But what I think is cooler is your texture pack! What is it?