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  1. Look at this add i saw on empire.

    Anyone see the emc part?
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  2. I never would have seen that ad, I have AdBlocker on, so no banner ads or anything pops up. It even blocks the before video YouTube ads.
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  3. Really? Do theyhave that for i pad?
  4. No, only on Google Chrome, and Firefox I think. Even though Chrome is on iPad, it doesn't have any plug-ins.
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  5. Did you go to the site? Lots of talk about maximizing this or that, lowering cost, and nothing of substance. I saw two products with hazy descriptions.

    I once did a project for a company like this. My partner and I couldn't figure out what they were selling. We never heard from them again, probably went belly up because hardly anyone else could figure out what they were offering as a product either.
  6. This ad is cool, do you know this one:
    This is an ad too.
  7. I didnt go, i didnt know emc also had a electric company ( looks for hidden link in site)
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  8. jailbreak your iDevice and get AdBlock
  9. Not an option for most people
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  10. isn't that illeagle?
  11. Under US law, it's legal. But don't think for a moment that Apple won't brick your iPad if they find out.
  12. no, its when you use the jailbreak app (Cydia) with hacked sources thats when it become illegal as your stealing, or when you get a free app installer from Cydia to download free apps from App Store
  13. thats why you dont let them find out, the jailbreak program you use to jailbreak should stop your iDevice sending reports to Apple
  14. Actually, there is an adblocker for the iPad-you just have to be jailbroken. I disable AdBlock on EMC anyway.

    Edit: Oops, looks like that's been said. Jailbraking is a grey area for iPads... the law specifically says "wireless phones".