Wow, way to kick a guy when he's down and rub salt in his wounds!

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  1. I have been voting for every day now trying to get the voter's gear. I reached Streak 35 earlier and then when I go to vote again just now, it was reset and I have no streaks. Wow, all that voting for nothing! I already had the Helmet and the boots. All I needed was the chest and legs, but all that's over now. In the past I used to just play Minecraft on EMC and not bother to vote, if I did it was about twice a week or less. My luck on EMC has been going down lately, especially with always getting griefed and now this! What else will be thrown at me?
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  2. wierd? was it at 35, then the next day at 0? or did it go down over time, and just now hit 0?
  3. It's 36 as of 18 minutes ago :)

    18 minutes ago

    Voted for Empire Minecraft on Minestatus - day bonus: 36
  4. As alex said, I don't see any drop? Appears you are still pushing your streak, and plus the system would never go down to 0, its 1 day per day missed and it doesnt even do that unless you miss 3 days.
  5. did you happen to /p after voting? it is possible THAT is bugged, as I recently added something to 'refresh' your /p while online when you vote and it could be bugged.
  6. Yeah I did do that after voting. I'm sorry caused you guys some trouble. I didn't know my stats would disappear after voting. It says 36 now. I was wrong, I say I'm wrong. I was just a little down, so I interrupted it wrong. Once again, I am Sorry.
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  7. No problemo, I got the same thing.
  8. It doesn't drop the streak unless you miss 3 days? That is nice to know, real nice to know indeed now I'm trying to get my streak up (at 5 at the moment!)