Wow... Scared half to death....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by moyaboya, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. About uhh I don't know, three seconds before I began typing this, I was scared so bad, I almost had a heart attack. You know why?
    Cats. Specifically, one cat. Mee-Mow (Yes, like the one from Adventure Time)
    Earlier today, I discovered that she seems to know how to make a noise similar to knocking on my window. Jeanzl2000 saw my reaction while I was on smp1. Yea and right before I wrote this, I was sitting at my computer at midnight watchin some youtube and I hear this UNGODLY SHOVING AT MY DOOR.....
    I though someone was in the hallway, and then her little white paw claws under the door trying to grab me!!!!! GAHHH
    So I took the only normal reaction, I curled up at my chair, made sure the cat was in the hallway so she had no place to sleep, and decided to post about it on the internet!
    So now I ask you, my fellow EMCers, what is one of the scariest things your pets have done?
  2. Well my budgie flew out into the porch and nearly flew away...
    ... That was awful I felt like a rubbish pet owner