Wow, I've been scammed and I'm confused.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MEINCRAVTA, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. So me and another player were making a hotel and it was going great. We logged off for the night with donations for supplies the next day and when i logged on, he took off my perms. I used 12+ stacks of sandstone and a stack of glass panes to work on that, and he hasn't been online for about 4 days, so i can't talk to him. He probably just forgot, but I can't help feeling he's trying to stay away from me until i forget and that Ive been scammed.

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  2. He was smart. People who leave perms on while not able to watch get griefed. Wait till hes back on, ull be fine
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  3. Just wait and don't forget :) he could just be busy and didn't want you to build because he has a good idea what he wants to do :) But what server is this on?
  4. Yeah That is what I do when I hire someone. I just can't seem to trust someone right away and leave them with perms for periods of time. I've been griefed and stolen from many times. So im sure the guy is just worried about getting griefed but you seem like a good guy so no worries there.
  5. I levave my perm on and I have never been stolen from griefed... well They must love me soo much they can't grief xD
    but recently I reset my perm I mean like 123+perms are annoying when you try to find out who has what perms xD
  6. but we were partners and i supplied all the materials and build everything. There was nothing else on the res, nothing to grief. I wasn't hired, it was a partnership
  7. Please don't give the player's name if you accuse them of a scam. Gather as much evidence as you can and then report them to us using the proper channels. I know that you know how to use the report system. I also know that it may seem like we don't do anything about some of the reports, but believe me that we see every one of them and use whatever detective skills we can to get to the bottom of things. Sometimes the wheels turn slowly, but they are turning.
  8. I don't want to report him because if he gets banned i can't get my stuff back. thats the problem.
  9. Do you really think that none of the mods ever read the forums? For us, reporting it here is almost the same as using the report system. The reason we don't want you to report it here is because it is rude, crass, and classless to publicly accuse someone else of a crime (even a game-crime) who may be innocent. Other player read the name and start thinking that player is a crook. How would you like to be the guy falsely accused of being a crook? EMC is all about maximizing the fun for everyone! It's not much fun for the one who has the fingers pointed at him/her. So we try to keep the accusations private, between the accusers and the EMC staff team.
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  10. Sorry, you can lock posts. I wasn't trying to get him in trouble, just maybe he can't play MC and I'm trying to figure out whats going on. Im sorry if i sound stupid, I'm just really confused.
  11. No one is in any trouble from this :). It's understandable that you're worried about your things and your building partner.
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