WOW im overdue

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1998golfer, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hi EMC, im overdue for my 500th post... plz ask me anything and everything...

    527 posts now... wow im 27 overdue
  2. Will you ask me anything on my AME thread?
  3. Why did you get banned?
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  4. why do u still post if u are banned? are u addicted to the power of EMC
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  5. Maybe...
    Combination of things, but mostly AFKing on Utopia.
    Yuuuuuup :p
  6. Can you follow me
  7. are u cancelling ur supporter ship beacuse of not using the perks, or are u going to keep it to support the community
  8. What do you mean not using it
  9. well he cant use the perks since hes banned
  10. Sure
    It hasnt run out yet :) it will run out of September 7th.
  11. can you follow me?
    and click my dragons?
  12. Oh this was a big screw up on my part. When i got the alert i mistook reply instead of thread and i thought you were talking to me.
  13. Why are you banned and why do you want to know the hosting service of EMC so much?
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  14. 1. A few things but mostly AFKing on Utopia. Ban reason: "issue after issue after issue"
    2. So he can start his own server.
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