Would you rather?

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who would win in a fight? momo or marlix

Marlix 10 vote(s) 66.7%
Momo 5 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. its like would you rather -_-

    you say a wyr to me and ill answer

  2. would you rather have a death from billions of paper cuts, or a death from being dragged on sandpaper
  3. i would do sandpaper

  4. would you rather sacrifice the right arm and the left leg, OR the left arm and the right leg?
  5. L arm R leg
  6. Give me a HARD One
  7. and a HARD one i mean it \(^3^)/
  8. hmmm thinks deeply

    would you rather be the last woman? on earth or the last person on earth :p

    kinda hard i think
    must be chaos with only men, must also be lonely alone ;)
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  9. Would you rather...
    Know when your going to die
    Know how your going to die
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  10. oh gawd the last woman
  11. Would you rater be buried alive or lost at sea?
  12. Lost at sea
  13. Would you rather die painlessly at a young age, or painfully at an old age.
  14. die painfully at an old age
  15. boi
  16. Would ya rather die to good old C'Thun,

    Or C'Thun with a top hat and monocle. Both will be terrible, but one will have more pizzazz.

  17. top hat and monicle OuO
  18. Would your rather live homeless or live without your family and current friends?

    By the way a marlix can fly up to 1k blocks and summon momentus, I guess unless there is a teleporting limit.
  19. m'yogg saron
  20. Homeless. Can't lose your family.

    Would you rather have your taste buds on your butthole or poop through your mouth?