Would we survival Grief Nation UK?

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What do you think?

Yes 5 vote(s) 62.5%
No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Maybe... 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. *Would we survive grief nation uk?
    Genius me mispelled it

    While watching a few of Grief Nation UK's videos I had a thought...
    What if they found the Empire...?
    After thinking about it for quite a while, I couldn't come to any conclusions at all

    If you've never seen GNUK these are some of their videos:
    Some of these contain bad language, you have been warned

    Grief starts shortly after 3:00

    I cant find the video for it but I remember one where they got banned but they just constantly unbanned themselves. They can also instantly log back into servers after a crash or anything of that nature. As far as I know, they have their own hacking client which is the most op one I've ever seen. They also do livestreams and if an ip is shown anywhere on the stream the server gets flooded with people coming to grief.

    I know we have the most amazing staff and they look after us and the server well, but it's still bothering me...
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  2. People like them are insanely obvious, and can be IP banned/monitored in about... 3 seconds. :)

    They won't be able to unban themselves, I promise that. They'd need console access for something like that, which isn't exactly given out. Here they'd need console/Square access, both of which are insanely secure. :)

    If the worst came to the worst, EMC has a backup system, so the server could be rolled back if required. This is more of a last resort thing, though.

    They generally go for servers which they can get OP on, which allows them to do the most damage. Rest assured... they're not getting it here.
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  3. EMC doesn't strike me as the type of server they'd bother with to be honest.
    They'd log in, see the tutorial, and even if they /skip, they would see the grief proof town res's. And even then, if they managed to find /wild, they would give up before they could find anything even remotely worth griefing.
  4. I doubt they would get very far if they did find us. The staff would be on them before they could start the recording and would then soon find out who they are and completely lock them out. (once they griefed and stuff) Failing that if they somehow got OP, yeah fat chance, they would probably get everything undo once they started. Although i wouldn't personally risk it, i would be interested to see how far they got if we send them on to a quite emc server with nothing but the tutorial stuff. We could sit back, watch and place some bets, staff would be tested and that would be kinda funny. I'm not traitoring it would be fun to try it out.
  5. I know we have already pre-banned a few major griefers, so it wouldn't be that hard.
  6. I didn't think about the world saves and the backtracks >.<
    By what most are saying, the most they'd do would cause a lot of chaos for a while as everyone contacted staff and shouted at them
  7. The fact that they post videos that show their tactics is the most obvious flaw, alongside showing their names. It would be like covering yourself in meat and then walking into an area filled with wild, violent, animals.
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  8. It wouldn't even go that far, look at what Jack posted, tracked IPs combined with OP (and therefore obvious) hack clients means a ban within minutes.
  9. I mean, if they managed to do anything
  10. one problem with the IP thing, one word: Proxies.
  11. Hacker be like
    Jack be like
  12. One solution to proxies: staff with common sense. :)
  13. true dat
  14. One thing you will notice with every major griefer is that they have to show many small griefings to make it big on YouTube. They get on small servers, often young ones that don't bother with major hacking protection, and pick on gullible staff members, ones which often pay to be staff. Another thing you should notice is that they never hit a major server, they just keep going after small servers.