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Have to wilds? original and new?

Yes! 4 vote(s) 40.0%
No... 7 vote(s) 70.0%
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  1. Ok so i was pretty sad about the whole wild reset and all, but suddenly, it came to me! Why not have TWO WILDS!!! Back when wasteland existed, wilderness existed too. This means there could be 2 wilds!! A /owild (original wild) and just reg new wild /wild Do u think this is a good idea??!
  2. Well as a experienced server admin having more worlds meaning more memory and processing usage so this will affect the performance of the server severely. Having only 3 worlds with a constant chunk loading and unloading can result up to 5 GB or more of ram usage alone. I think its a great idea but it will affect the performance.
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  3. And only 1 person leaves feedback ._.
  4. Seems this thread got lost on page 2 or so. I didn't see it before.

    Technically it would be possible, but the added server load would be prohibitive. It might be something to consider doing for a couple of days to make it easier for people to move. But on the other hand, people have to explore the new wild before they can actually move there. So it wouldn't actually work and only add server load at a time the server has enough to do already.

    What would work would be to move the old wilds to smp7 and run them there for a week or so. Would make it easier for people with just one residence to move stuff with the vault.
  5. We used to have two wilds when we were one smp server, Wilderness and Wasteland, the load was just too much and it is really unneeded because the worlds are endless.
  6. Those where the days, but with such a heavy task on the EMC database, and the fact that it just makes no sense they where removed. ;)
  7. What about moving the wilds to a temp sever for the m,ove? That way we'd have the new wild a week earlier and people could move stuff easier (vault, logon to home server, vault, logon to temp server, ...). The smp7 hardware should be able to take 3 sets (wild/nether/end) at a time, so we'd be done after 2 weeks. All 7 at once would be to much I think. Utopia could just stay on utopia, that server can handle old+new at the same time, I'd guess.
  8. Thanks for the feedback :)