Would Iron Farms Affect Witch Farms?

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  1. I was wondering if iron farms would affect the spawn rates of witch farms. I have read up online that the iron farms would not affect witch farms because iron farms are all passive mobs (Iron golems and villagers) But because of the entity limiter in EMC, if, let's say, I had 26 iron farm cells surrounding my witch farm, with 16 villagers in each cell constantly spawning iron golems, then would it decrease/limit my witch spawning rates? If you know the answer then post below :) Thanks!
  2. It would effect it hacker because you got 415/250 mobs
  3. Not necessarily, he never said they were within 4 chunks of each other.
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  4. If you knew how iron farms worked, then you would know that you have to space farms apart by 64 blocks... and chunks are 15 blocks wide.
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  5. .... chunks are 16 blocks wide ...
    And don't get me started on that 64 blocks number. Not exactly true :p
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  6. Lol. Even I knew chunks were 16 blocks wide
  7. I don't know how you'd have 26 iron farm cells with 16 villagers each all within mob spawning range without exceeding entity limits or villages combining.

    And i'm not sure what you mean by that either? There are ways to force the way villages are formed and keep them from combining, but other than that, you must keep a gap of 64 blocks between the closest doors of each 'village'. correct?

    I have built 2 areas containing 16 villages all 64 blocks apart containing the min 10 villagers each totaling 160 entities. Which leaves 90 entities before the limit of 250. In the same area are natural mob spawners/grinders. As it happens, natural spawning of mobs stops around 90 hostiles. Which also happens to cap out the entity limit at 250 entities. However, iron golems will continue spawning even when it appears you've reached the mob cap. There are various reasons for this.
    The bottom line is, yes stacked villages can work in conjunction with mob spawners.
    And I don't know of any conditions of a witch farm that would conflict with iron farms, that any regular dark room spawner would not.
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  8. if iron gollums are spawning while you are at a witch farm then yet spawn rates will be affected on emc.
    on single player and some other servers the answer may be different
  9. not correct. lol
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