Worthy items to start a business with?

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  1. Hey there, im new to both minecraft and this server and I would like to know which category of items are worthy to start a business with? I was thinking of brewing potions or smithing armor and weapons but before I start I better ask it here first . Thanks!
  2. Since the EMC market is much like a real life market place, there is no 1 right answer, or answers to this question. In my fairly short time here, I've seen many items rise and drop in price almost overnight as demand and supply dictates the values.

    My suggestion is to grind it out for a short while and evaluate the market place for yourself. By "grind" I am suggesting investing some of your starter capital into efficiency/unbreaking tools, going out in /waste and gathering a full chest (DC) of a certain product. To give an example of some worthwhile items worth grinding for:
    DC quantity typical price range:
    Cobblestone -2000r -3500r
    Stone - ~3500r (Use pick with Silk Touch to avoid smelting process)
    Sand - 7000r - 9000r
    Sandstone - 7000r - 9000r
    Glass - 9000r - 11,000r (sand can be smelted into glass)
    Hardened Clay - 9500r - 14,000r
    Lumber - 8600r - 12,000r (depending on species)
    Wool - 6000r - 8000r (I suggest white wool, since it can be dyed) Invest in sheep eggs and shears, create a farm on your res.

    These are typical products which will sell almost as instantly as you collect a DC worth of the items. This will allow for quick turn over so you can re-invest your rupees into more tools or products.

    Once you've gathered a DC of any item, choose your price and post a [Selling] thread on the Business, Products, Services forum thread. I would hold off taking bulk orders until you know you can meet demand, as I've seen many providers shut down due to not meeting orders/overcome by volume of demand.

    Lastly, all the while you are grinding, posting, selling, re-investing and evaluating your 401k options, spam the refresh button on the Economy threads on this very forum. Within very short time, you will be able to evaluate a product in demand, and you will then have the finance in place to expedite your venture into the market.

    If you have any further questions, keep this thread going as any input from the community will help yourself, other new members, and those of us that need new perspectives on the economy. Im glad to see a new member thoroughly interested in the market right off the bat. Lets all work together and shake some of the rupees out of these ole' veterans cold hands ;)
  3. Promos are big and maybe make gold apples for when we update to 1.9 to make some money. Other than that I do not know. Look around at some shops to see what they are selling items for.
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  4. Here are some items that sells good..

    Colored wool
    Colored glass
    Colored clay

    Then Redstone items such as...

    Redstone lamps
    Redstone dust

    Would type more but on cell getting ready for work lol.
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  5. Potions, enchanted items and books are a rare shop, horses too. The other answers here are great too. If you just started I would also recommend the grind for a little bit. Talk to shop owners in game. Learn the market a bit before dedicating yourself to an item that might be a pain to gather/farm. If you are just wanting to make money, quartz quartz quartz after a DC or two you will have more than enough rupees to start venturing into the promo market a little and that's where the money is.

    When I started I mined for most of my time the first week or two and set up a small shop to sell my spoils and horses... the horses were annoying but people are often willing to pay much more than what a horses fair market value is and you cant do that with most low value items.
  6. The Wastelands are where you can get most of your resources.

    However, starting after this Saturday night, be aware of them resetting for EMC 1.9 at any time. Do not leave any beacons, filled chests, etc. behind. Otherwise, they will be gone forever.

    There are also a lot of different farms you can build/use for resources:

    Iron, Gold, Food, Wood, Stone, Animals, Mob Drops, Plants, Flowers, etc.
  7. Start with a good tree farm, earn like 100k,
    buy the best tools, do some speed mining, see how it goes.
    Try trading with villagers, try inter-server trading (buy where it's cheaper. sell where it's more expensive).

    Find out what you like to do and what you're good at - and find out what people need and are willing to pay for.

    Similar as IRL :)
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