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  1. I have heard some horrible things that have happened to players on the EMC on other servers they have visited, I thought I would create this so we can share tales of those pointless servers we have never visited again. I will start I was on a factions server and I had just created a new faction, the owner of the server sent me a request to be allies and I accepted it he asked me to see his house so I said yes so he teleported me to him into a bed rock room then he changed his status with me to enimys then with a highly enchanted blade and armor he tryed to kill me I typed / spawn and got away only to be teleported back and killed, afterwards he sent me a request to join his group, worst thing was he was the owner, I never connected to that server again
  2. Ok I was on a server that the owner would pass out tons of diamonds every day. So I would go get them and very soon I had like 5 chest worth f diamonds which were locked. Some how right infront of me the owner took all my diamonds and then said it wasn't him who stole the diamonds. After that I never went on that server
  3. First ever Minecraft server I joined was this so :) I don't have bad experiences.
  4. My worst experience wasn't the first one, but it was miserable. well, it was a godlike vs vanilla players where the admins, mods, and owners were all godlike with creative and all. The players, well, we were simply fodders. They would creep around our towns we tried to build and surround us with tons of creepers, skeletons and such. If one of us survived we would simply be shot down with guided arrows that went through walls LOL!

    What a bunch of twits.. anyway.. The server was advertised as a fair and respectful vanilla server with no creative rights whatsoever..
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  5. saying hi and get banned :p
  6. I joined a few servers before EMC... On one of them, I came into the world and started punching some trees outside of this town thingy, and I was banned for griefing :D I saw on the EMC ad ..."Run by adults!"... And I thought, "respectable server. Mine." :)
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  7. wow.. there are some BOZO out there! Ahaha!

    Well, after a long time of darkness came the way to the light, the way to EMC!

    *brown nosing a little bit eheh*:D
  8. I joined a server once, it wad a Factions server. Everything seemed fine, but something wasn't right. The server didn't have Nocheat, so there was a ton of players spawn-killing with hacked clients. Once I got out of spawn, I made it a couple thousand blocks out of spawn. The day after the owner asked if I could donate to the server, I said no. Right after he came to me, unclaimed my faction land (the land were I had the faction HOME!!!) and then killed me with potions. After that I told him he unclaimed my faction land with my faction home, and that he was a total dumbass. After that I did never ever join the server again.

    I have one other story, it's very silly. Not really a story. It was simply just that I was banned from a server, for this reason:
    "Google translate says you're a troll.", worst reason I've ever seen. I didn't do anything at all... At least it wasn't a good server so I didn't really care either..
  9. Worst Minecraft experience was when I visited a nearby forest,cutting trees.After I had a few stacks,I found these guys surrounding me.(They wear using diamond everything ...Weapons and armor).Managed to take a few down.Then got owned...Worst minecraft experience...Spent so much time cutting trees.
  10. I was part of a really well built and run server owned by some woman.

    She managed to con one of the regulars out of a lot of money, turned out to be a man with severe psychological disorders as he was pretending to be his ex wife, and the whole server got shut down when he got taken to prison for criminal charges involving her and their kid.

    I kid you not.
  11. WHOA!!! :eek:...that scares me great deal!...:confused:
  12. Kil im a bit confused...So she got money from a crazy man,he was pretending to be her ex husband?Or did he think he was a woman?...
  13. Ahahahaha! what ever I suppose...
    I will.. I dunno.. I will just let go that story.. for my own mental health LOL!

    Hey! that was a bad server story. I am in pain fir you. Glad u found EMC!

    have a great day!

    *How confusing is that?

    hmm, what is happening to me? Too much bad server stories I think........
  14. She was the man pretending to be his ex-wife.

    All the regulars liked her, she was fairly down to earth and didn't muck around, and everyone knew she was going through hard times as there was an IRC room she hosted where we'd all chat about what was going on in-game or RL.
    One of the guys had a thing for her (She'd sent pics of herself), and when she hit financial issues, he sent her a fair whack of money to help her out.

    Then police, jail, she becomes he, massive hunt by the small and dedicated community to figure out what the hell was going on.

    All fun and games!
  15. I was on a different server today and I had no health left and I was starving to death, so I called out on chat for sombody to help me, some guy teleported to me and beat me to death with a cookie
  16. ok, i have to admit i laughed.

    First server I joined before EMC was whitelisted... I couldn't do anything so d/c'd, went to next on list which was EMC lol
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  17. at newo88 haha... im srry but i just lol...