[Worse than Wither Skull Drop rate]

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  1. This thread is to talk about all the things in Minecraft worse than the Wither Skull drop rate. I'll start!

    Magma Cube's Hitbox
  2. My Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Than... Sorry it was bothering me:oops:
    EDIT: Its fixed:D
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  4. Steve head in EMC.
  5. All the slimes in swamp biomes.
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  6. May I just point this out:
    I don't see anything in there asking for you to go off topic advertising your own thread which has already received much attention...

  7. I agree. When I start getting this problem, I pull out my bow. The arrows seem to hit 100% of the time when the sword can't. Just hit it twice till it breaks, and pull your sword back out for the smaller ones.

    The thing that irks me would be that if a Ghast is exactly behind me, it does not make any audible sounds while shooting fireballs. I can only hear them when they are out of a 15% range behind me. Needless to say, I get knocked off of scaffolding a lot while building over lava lakes. :oops:
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  8. My boat broke 2k blocks out from spawn. You know what I did? I maned up and swam back. You should learn how to.
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  9. The knockback on Skeleton's bows.
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  10. when people try to one up others in minecraft. like that one time that i got mauled by 1,000,000 1/2 creepers, and got a golden sword with notchness V.
    and the enderdragon fight. it's not hard, just takes a while for him to get in bow-range.
  11. How skeletons can just turn and fire.

    How lillypads still break boats!
  12. Justinguy coming to EMC again :(
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  13. It means that I'm stuck underwater in the middle of nowhere
  14. Didn't they patch that in 1.3?
  15. Rupee beggars :p
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  16. Thought they did but my boat still breaks
  17. Blazes while hunting wither skeles.
  18. A mod who abuses his/her powers on EMC.
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  19. ICC going wild with his banhammer, attacking innocent people.
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  20. I've never actually seen that happen...

    How accurate and fast skellies can shoot.
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