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  1. Hi, I haven't logged in to Minecraft since June-July because my old PC broke. When I bought a new laptop, I tried connecting to my account, but I couldn't log in with my MC username and password. It said I had migrated my account, so I tried logging in with both of my email accounts and all the passwords I could think of, with no success.

    Then I tried the "Forgot my password" button, but I didn't receive a recovery email in either of the gmail accounts. I sent an email to Mojang to inform them that I was having trouble logging in, but they haven't replied in two weeks.

    Any ideas?
  2. Try resending the Forgot Password Email? Maybe check the Spam Folders? If all else fails, it might boil down to Having to get a New Account
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  3. I don't want to lose my old account. I have proof of purchase. What should I do.
  4. Well, if you have proof of purchase, I'd suggest just waiting it out to see if Mojang ever responds. I'm not really sure what you can do right now other than wait and see what happens.