Worlds fastest mob grinder?

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Is this cool?

No 6 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Hallo so in a tekkit world i am making a zombie grinder with 100 spawners in it. It is not complete but i want to see if you guys think that this is pretty cool or not. The layout is very simple and i might make a video showing a tutorial. 2012-10-01_17.37.43.png
  2. Ooo that is in tekkit so yes it is cool :D if you wannaplay tekkit with me pm me ;D
  3. has some problems...
    1. The monster can stand on the spawner and not fall...
    2.that it. i think
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  4. How did u change the spawned from basic pig?
  5. I remember in a mod.. There was a Tx. file that you could change what it would spawn.
  6. I'd suggest putting blocks on top of the spawners and then the ceiling the next layer so the mobs don't get stuck on top, like Gap425 said.
  7. Ehh depends in tekkit the spawner you can choose with too many items, and too many items in vannila minecraft you gotoo a folder and change it to what type you want but in a server you do /spawner themobtype.
  8. on bukkit theres a mod called mbox then u can do /mbox set [mobname]